Maintain Youth and Beauty with MD Wellness & Aesthetics

African patient getting micro-needling treatment by her doctor

It is time to give yourself the gift of beauty and wellness that is timeless. here are the options that you can choose from.

Weight loss

There are a number of ways to lose weight but we offer you smarter options that are safer and less effort consuming.There is medical weight loss in which you don’t have to suffer under the knife or drink any sort the pill, it is actually based on scientific evidence that focuses on the reasons of your weight gain and obesity. We have qualified doctors that will guide you to help you achieve the way that you want and maintain it. Get more information about weight loss.

Or if you want less hassle options, you might want to take pills Or prescription appetite suppressants. we have various choices depending on your preferences. It is time to take your weight loss plan seriously end entrust it to us.

Affordable hair restoration

We also have different kinds of hair restoration options that you can choose from. First day we have the natural hair restoration Just 100% face and effective. additionally this type of restoration only uses organic substances to help you restoring your naturally beautiful hair.

4 options that we offer is cosmetic hair growth. This type of hair solution involves many procedures as options It involves Surgical and non-surgical procedures. Permanent hair loss can be resolved with Hair Replacement options like hair grafting, and skull production. We offer the best options for hair restoration. For more information about the weight loss, follow the link.

Micro Needling

Micro Needling collagen production is one of our proudest procedures to give you the most beautiful and glowing skin you could have. it enhances your skin tone and texture it also finds the wrinkles. It erases your scars especially the ones caused by acne. Microneedling it’s coined from the use of tiny needles to create micro holes on the skin.This is important so that your Skin’s natural ability to heal itself will be stimulated. This process also involves the production of elastin and collagen. Process of healing will start immediately. You can expect a redness in the skin withwrinkles and scars already vanishing. No need to worry about tissue destruction but the holes made in the epidermis heals very quickly. you may only see some redness or minimal bleeding which will stop quickly.

Low testosterone therapy

This therapy is primarily used to treat hypogonadism. Now , it is also used to treat sexual problems in women. It could be through injections, patches, gels, tablets and pellets.


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